About Us



Powerfuel Bites, a family-owned company, creates food-based goods using all-natural nuts, seeds & organic ingredients. We proudly create our high-quality goods in small batches, with love and close attention to detail. Our ever-expanding product line includes Original Nut Butter, Date-Oat Squares, Granola and Breakfast Cookies. Powerfuel Bites products contain a wide array of nut, seed & dried fruit variations to ensure a healthy balance of nutrients.

Powerfuel Bites is committed to serve our local community and beyond. Our adage, “Cuisine with Purpose”, represents our mission to serve communities by providing a high-quality products in conjunction with nutrition education. Our goal is to empower individuals and families to rethink how they source the food they consume and reconsider the way they eat.

We are honored to host cooking demonstrations, participate in community events and combat malnutrition in our homeless communities by serving meals and providing goods. Our company proudly partners with various organizations and community health coalitions. We aim to spread love one bite at a time, one partnership at a time.