• our story

    It began 2016, I had just experienced a layoff from a company I had trusted & was completely committed to. The layoff was unexpected, devasting & left me feeling hopeless. Meanwhile, Jericka a talented chef, was picking up jobs as a personal chef & meal-prepping for clients throughout the city. She ultimately landed a head chef position with a meal prep company run by a husband/wife duo, ironically. I was brought in as a cook. There we got an up-close & personal look inside small business operations. We quickly gained total control over the food menu as well as the community impact sector. We helped the company connect with the community by donating food to local organizations in need instead of wasting it as they did before. Little did we know, we were learning how to run a business firsthand..

  • our story, continued..

    ..Soon enough, the customers began requesting peanut butter-oat balls and nut butter-based snacks for their nutritional content. We began crafting them with store-bought peanut butter and the customers absolutely loved them. but then, the company closed its doors & we found ourselves jobless, but not hopeless. A seed had taken root and an idea was born. We continued to recipe test the nut butter products and began blending our own nut butters and called it POWERFUEL BITES! We wrote out a business plan & the rest is history. In hindsight, we can absolutely see God at work in our lives. Leading and guiding us in times of uncertainty. Our hope is to inspire people to keep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ & follow His perfect plan for their lives.

    -Ryan & Jericka Jordan

  • our mission


    cuisine with purpose is a community resource supporting initiatives for youth, families, nature, and education. we believe in deep community support through donations, events, and volunteering. we inspire others to be leaders and trailblazers in their own community.


    we select high-quality, plant-based ingredients to handcraft our all-natural nut butter and delicious, nutritious snack foods. we choose ingredients from like-minded producers who believe in our standards of sustainability and authenticity. everything we craft is made with integrity, has amazing flavor, and is packed with nutrients. we do this with our customers in mind, ensuring that they have the best experience possible with Powerfuel Bites.